A Drive For Life- Imprinted concrete driveways, paths and patios - Commercial Installations
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AdriveForLife AdriveForLife
Administration: 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill,
West Malling, Kent. ME19 4AE
FREEPHONE: 0800 440 2462
Email: sales@adriveforlife.com


Building Sector

Housing Development

Zoo Entrance

Just one commercial partner

Chessington World Of Adventures

Perfect for such heavy foot traffic

Fast Food Drive-in

Cars, Vans, Lorries..we can take them all

Key Solutions
ADRIVEFORLIFE Commercial has provided solutions for major contract partners satisfying all product requirements,with a range that now also includes a new pre-coloured concrete for every internal specification and requirement that may previously have been rejected due to the post-pour colour casting by hand, that rendered clean-up a difficult task. With a range of complimentary colours to suit any style of construction we are now confident that we can satisfy all requirements for any contractors or clients, including: Home build, restaurants, hotel and leisure, renovation, rest homes and the local council and education sectors.

Exceptional Product Knowledge
ADRIVEFOR LIFE Commercial enjoys a pro-active approach to training both in house and via outside providers. All operational contractors attend specialist training courses for procedure each year, to ensure the levels of competence we insist on are maintained. Staff can also gain Construction Skills Certification in a program run by one of our major suppliers of the coloured surface hardeners we regularly use.

All in all we are proud of the fact that site operations continue to operate safe, tidy sites in line with what is expected by all our commercial clients.

Bespoke Installation, Tailored Service
Our teams have long been recognised as the regions leaders in the domestic Imprinted Concrete market having operated at the top level for several years, so whilst our venture into the commercial market is still relatively small, our product performance with such well known names as ROK, KFC Restaurants, The MS Society & Chessington World of Adventures has been outstanding.

Take our latest pours and installations (the original imprinted concrete pours were done years ago) at the Chessington World of Adventures theme park in Surrey. From initial approach in April 2008 to final vacating of the site was just a couple of weeks. In fact we finished 3 days ahead of schedule.Our trained staff are highly motivated to discuss, solve, install and vacate, ..every time...on time.

No doubt this new installation will also give years of perfect service to the millions of site visitors that have walked over the original pours..we can provide no better testimony than that !

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