A Drive For Life- Imprinted concrete driveways, paths and patios - Installation Satisfaction
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AdriveForLife AdriveForLife
Administration: 26 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill,
West Malling, Kent. ME19 4AE
FREEPHONE: 0800 440 2462
Email: sales@adriveforlife.com

Installation Satisfaction

One of the main reasons for the high growth rate of ADRIVEFORLIFE is the customer orientated focus for every job. This involves breaking each job down into it's key stages. When a stage is completed, the customer checks and confirms that they are satisfied with the progress and the quality of the work and allows us to continue to the next stage. This ensures that each customer receives the high quality installation that they expected when the works are finally completed, usually in 7-10 days.

All of our 'Fortress' installations are guaranteed for 15 years. The reason we offer such a long guarantee is that we are simply confident that our installations will stand the test of time and thats been proven as we have been installing our Imprinted Concrete since 1992. 

You will be pleased to know that there is a published installation guideline for our specialist industry. It's called the MICGN for Imprinted Concrete (Model Installation Clauses and Guidance Notes) and it's been produced by 'The Concrete Society'.
It basically covers all of the prudent detail for the successful installation of our product. 
You might think (quite rightly) that adherence to this guideline during installation is therefore quite important to any Imprinted Concrete company and we would of course agree. So all of our installations are checked for MICGN compliance at each stage by Surveyors just as you would expect from Kent's market leader, so you can relax safe in the knowledge that your new driveway, patio or paths are fitted to the highest of recognised standards that we can source for you.

Interestingly enough we are not aware of the mention of this MICGN GUIDELINE on any published media from any other installer in the south. Makes you wonder doesn't it ...?

It's just another reason why more people choose ADRIVEFORLIFE we presume !

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